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July 2021
  Registered game but not access to game Thu, 22 July 2021 16:00
I just made an account and registered my Small WOrld of Warcraft game code. I should have had premium access to game data base but the games are not available in my account.
When I tried to re-enter the code it said that is already registered on my account.
Waiting for response.
Thank you
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Lake Express

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July 2007
Re:Registered game but not access to game Thu, 22 July 2021 16:53
Sorry, I'm not entirely clear on what you're thinking you should have access to after using the SWoW code. I'm guessing it's free access to the digital version of Small World or Ticket to Ride but registering a physical board game does not give any free digital content.

A lot time ago you could register Ticket to Ride and get free access to the TTR web version of the game but that was a long time ago, and before they invested a ton of money and time into the updated versions of the game. A long time ago you would also get a discount on buying other products by DoW but now that they don't have a store directly from them that doesn't apply either.

I hope this helps clarify things, but if I missed anything just let me know and I'll try again!
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