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Another corpse and yet another corpse? Mon, 12 June 2006 10:19
On our last play of MoA, we drew and played the "Another corpse" event card. We are all pretty new to the game, and the card came up early in the game, so no issues came up. However, after thinking about it here are a couple of thoughts about that card...

1. Does everyone have to see it before and accusation is made (you have to be able to prove a wrong accusation)?
2. Does the person who had to give up the card need to see it?

The way I see it, if you play with the first point, a person could delay the game (by not going to the bridge) until they have their suspects narrowed down to two (the bridge corpse and the murderer). Even worse, they could delay it until they are the last player of a round. On their fourth turn, they go to the bridge, and then all the monks go to the chapel for mass. That person would then go first and race to the chapter hall (and win the race if he has a crypt card) for the accusation.

I know and admit that this type of play is completely against the spirit of the game and would make the gaming experience disappointing. I guess I'm curious about how others play these cards.

If this happens to us again, I'm thinking that you CAN still make an accusation, even if the new corpse suspect is still face down. If no one can prove an accusation false, the new corpse becomes common knowledge before the murderer is revealed.

And again, thanks to DoW for producing a great game.

Luke the Flaming
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Re:Another corpse and yet another corpse? Tue, 13 June 2006 00:43
The person discarding the card should note (if she's afraid of forgetting) which suspect it is.
So no problems should arise to disprove a wrong accusation.
Have fun! Smile
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