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July 2004
Can all 6 categories be built? Sat, 15 July 2006 01:21
Is it possible to build out all 6 categories?

Let's say that a player could finish out all of the remaining pieces to be built.

When visiting a quarry, Cleopatra does not move until after the building is completed and talents are collected according to that rule section, and Cleopatra moving is what ends the game immediately. This would indicate that the player could build the last pieces and all 6 categories would get finished.

However, in the end game rules, it says that Cleopatra moved "the moment 5 out of 6 categories of construction pieces in the Quarry have been fully built."

So, does Cleopatra move before talents are handed out, if a category is finished, thereby making 5 the maximum number of categories that can be finished? Or Does she move after all building has happened, theoretically allowing all categories to be finished?
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February 2006
Re:Can all 6 categories be built? Sat, 15 July 2006 04:30
I would say that it is possible to have all 6 categories placed. Step 2 of "visit the quarry" is placing all pieces you purchased. So if you purchased multiple pieces, you place them all at this step. Step 4 is checking to see if you completed any categories and then moving Cleopatra. So if two categories are closed, then she should move two spaces.

So theoretically, you could complete the entire palace before the game end, but I am not sure if it could practically be done.
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March 2005
Re:Can all 6 categories be built? Tue, 18 July 2006 22:41
I've seen it done. The walls had like 1 piece left and there was just one door frame. Or something like that. I think there was another time when there was only room for one more mosiac and there was room for a wall somewhere too, and although the mosiac didn't make a sanctuary or cover any palm trees, it was still 6 (4 plus 2 for double-build) talents more than he would have gotten otherwise.
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