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July 2004
miniature manifest Sat, 14 October 2006 17:56
So for the 14 different sculpts
looks like :
1-Hobgoblin Archer
1-Goblin Skirmisher/Goblin Swordsman
1-Hobgoblin Swordsman
1-Hobgoblin Cavalry
1-Iron Dwarf Crossbowman
1-Iron Dwarf Swordsman
1-Iron DwarfSwordsman (Heavy)
1-Standard Bearer Heavy Cavalry
1-Standard Bearer Archer/Green Banner Archer
1-Red Banner Heavy Infantry Swordsman
1-Blue Banner Regular Infantry Swordsman
2- banner design shapes
1- spyder
14 [for types of figures,, ???? ]

(+ Hill Giant & Elemental ,,seperate from box game of course)

A bigger start than ever before,,, wonderful!
Course I'll want more...More- More!!!!
-= Crew =-
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October 2002
Re:miniature manifest Sat, 14 October 2006 19:25
Pretty good but not quite. Razz

"Standard" banners refer to one of the two camps, the one whose banner shape are like flags hanging down from the top. It is the opposite of "Pennant" banners, whose banner shape is like flags floating in the wind, and which represent the opposite camp.

For most sculpts, there are both a Standard banner version and a Pennant banner one. That is the case for the archers, for instance.

This being said, all your goblinoids and dwarves are correct, What you are missing from your list is some Regular human Cavalry, and some Light human Infantry.


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July 2004
Re:miniature manifest Sat, 14 October 2006 20:40
OK. thanks Eric,,
Speculating on the mini's to deal with my 'BL withdraws' till they get in my hands.

Oh, love the Hill Giants 'rock chucking' ability.. will have a little 'artillery'
in the base game!
Ah,, a little artillery to 'reach out & touch someone' till we get some War Machines.
(hint-hint) So many unit types available with Fantasy.

Now on to speculate on the lore tokens, council & special 'guest' @ War Council !?
( i know- the 'guest' is for 'down the road' )
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