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October 2005
Re:Earth Elemental Promo Mini... WHERE!?! Sat, 25 November 2006 22:34
In an attempt to keep the info complete in this thread, there was a BoardGameGeek contest that gave away 23 Earth Elementals.

I was fortunate enough to win one, and was told "We are expecting to receive the Earth Elemental figures next week and would like to ship (one) to you when they arrive."
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November 2006
Re:Earth Elemental Promo Mini... WHERE!?! Mon, 27 November 2006 02:52
Cantata wrote on Mon, 20 November 2006 15:13

They have already said the promo pieces will be avaialble for free from their website eventually, you just have to pay the shipping fee to get one. They won't be available from DoW until early 2007, but that's not too far off.

Am I blind? I can't find this anywhere!

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July 2004
Re:Earth Elemental Promo Mini... WHERE!?! Tue, 28 November 2006 01:56
You don't read the BL Blog ?
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November 2006
Re:Earth Elemental Promo Mini... WHERE!?! Tue, 28 November 2006 05:15
I read that, but it looked to me that it's just the Earth Elemental that will be available through DoW for people who don't pre-order.
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November 2004
Re:Earth Elemental Promo Mini... WHERE!?! Thu, 04 January 2007 16:35
Talespinner wrote on Mon, 23 October 2006 09:44

JHGHendriks wrote on Fri, 13 October 2006 17:36

You know, I was really looking forward to this game.

But the promotional offers are making me reconsider.

I have not checked with my FLGS, but the surest way to turn me off from Battlelore is "promotional figures." I am a huge fan of Memoir 44, and have preordered 3 copies of Battlelore (two for Christmas presents) and talked several other people in preordering as well.

But "promotional figures" really aggravate me. I will admit I am coming from bad experiences with Wizkids products, and DoW is almost nothing like Wizkids, but that is a path that a great game company should not go down.

I know the first two promotional figures are going to be generally available, but I'm not sure if an official general policy has been announced.

I agree the promos should be always be things that will eventually be made generally available. The promotional value should be that if you do the specific action (pre-order, go to a con, whatever) then you can get the item months ahead of everyone else. That should be plenty of incentive without being too annoying to everyone who can't qualify for the promo.
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December 2006
Re:Earth Elemental Promo Mini... WHERE!?! Sat, 06 January 2007 22:07
I ordered mine off the website, paid $4 in shipping, and got it in a short amount of time.

As to promo figures and such, it is fairly simple to limit their use in a game, or use scenarios without them. I don't see how it will affect gameplay much, if at all.

The Earth Elemental is a very well designed figure, in fact it makes me want to paint the units for the game.

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