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December 2006
Some extra scriptorium cards Sun, 17 December 2006 13:28
The spirit of Brother Adelmo (star)
Use this card when you are in your cellula.
"The spirit of Brother Adelmo visits you in prayer. He tells you the name of his closest friend in the abbey. This person is certainly innocent."
Roll one of the monk dice and pick a random card of that player. If the dice points you out or a player with no cards, roll again.

In hiding
"Terrified for another murder, a monk goes in hiding."
Hide a monk from your hand in a room by noting the room on a paper and putting his card and the paper aside. If a player enters that room, you have to show the card to that player. From that point on, all players know where the monk is hiding, but the monk remains there for the rest of the game.

A small lie (star)
This card allows you one lie when asked a question. You may use this card only once, and reveal it only at the end of the game, or when another card forces you to reveal it.

The eye of God
Pick an empty room. Each player that ends his turn in that room must show all his suspect cards to you. This effect remains active untill the next mass. (Mark that room with a coin).
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