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December 2004
  Two Players work? Mon, 21 November 2005 00:24
I know the description says 3-6 players but will this game work with two players? I can always find a partner to play a game with, just not always two Smile
Luke the Flaming
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July 2003
  Re:Two Players work? Mon, 21 November 2005 23:15
Not well at all.
You can read the rules (available online, for free) and it will become obvious (there will be too much information in your hands since the beginning and only another source of interaction... no, it wouldn't work well Sad ).
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December 2004
Re:Two Players work? Tue, 22 November 2005 14:40
Ok, thanks.
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December 2006
Re:Two Players work? Sun, 17 December 2006 14:46
I just read this thread. I'd like it to be two player too. Here's an idea:

2 player game

Deal each player 6 suspect cards (same rule as 3 player). Place 3 suspect cards face down on the matching suspect position in the upper corner of the Abbey's board. Put the remaining suspect cards next to the board, behind the Capitilum.

Play the game turns as usual, with the following extras.

The cards guarded by the abbot need to be earned during special events. There are several possibilities, like throwing in some trivial persuit questions or whatever. I myself, with an AD&D background have come up with the following:

You need additional miniatures of your own choosing. You also need additional ad&d-like dice (1d4, 1d8, 1d10, . . .).
The setting is no longer that you are a pilgrim, but you are a Knight Templar, wielding a 1d8 sword, with the abbey under some kind of external attack. You start with 16+1d4 life points (or whatever you agree with other players).
Now, you can make this as simple or complex as you like. You can throw in magic, but keeping it simple you can stick to regular combat.
Use 1d4 to mark a special event during each mass. 1 or 2: nothing happens. 3 or 4: the abbey is under attack. Roll 1d4 again to mark the number of attackers. They will invade the abbey starting from the bridge and will function as a third player. During their turn, use 1d8 for each of them to determine which direction they are going. (8 directions on the compass). If a direction is blocked, throw again. (Another, perhaps better way on this board: count the number of possible directions, use the most appropriate dice to determine which one he's going).
If a player ends up in the same room as an intruder, there will always be combat, and the combat is untill the end (keep it simple, don't introduce the complete AD&D-ruleset in this game unless all players are familiar with it). If the player wins the combat, he receives a suspect card from the abbott (he has to go to the capitilum to receive it).
When wounded, the abbot is able to heal you at 1d4 life points per turn (hence, you skip a turn). When dead, the game is won by the other player.
Make up your own intruders and their strengths (e.g.: troll: life points: 6, 1d6 sword; orc: life points 8, 1d8 sword, etc...)

The above is just a simple starter. With the eyes of a dungeon master, and a great board as this game offers, the possibilities are large! (e.g. you can create mission cards for the invadors, thus skipping the 1d8 random move: destroy the parlatorium, take the abbot hostage in the capitilum, hunt down the players,...)

Another variation: combat is not untill the end. You can flee at any time, but you have to hand a random suspect card from your hand to the invador. Mark the invador as having kidnapped a monk. Now the other player (or you yourself) can recapture that suspect card.

Well, with a little luck, you now have a combat mystery game. Cool Have fun!! (let me know if it works)

Lion of Flanders

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