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December 2006
  Retreat -> Rout Mon, 18 December 2006 16:45
After reading various threads on retreats and how to handle them as well as some experience with a few scenarios I have pondered a variant to the retreat rules that I wanted to throw to the wolves.

When a unit is forced to retreat and has its retreat blocked by another unit(s), rather than lose figures for each hex lost, the blocking unit(s) joins in the retreat and must retreat along with the original unit retreating one hex for each hex remaining in the original unit's retreat (in effect, the retreating unit pushes the blockers along).

The blocking units continue to rout even if by moving they no longer block the original retreating unit's retreat.

(note: only affects units of your side. If your retreat is blocked by enemy units or impassible terrain you lose units as normal).

This has a couple effects:

First: It makes units last a bit longer. I _hate_ doing the good thing by bunching up units into a triangle only to have the front one take extra hurt for it!

Units lasting a bit longer gives a good commander a chance to turn the tide and recover from a slight reversal of fortune.

Secondly: It just seems more "real" to have a whole line/group break at once and run together. The guys in back would not like watching the front forces take a big hit and fall. And when the guys in front start to turn to try and run and run into the guys in back, it seems more natural that the guys in back would panic and not just stand there and cause even more pain to the guys in front.


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August 2006
Re:Retreat -> Rout Mon, 18 December 2006 17:14
Sounds interesting but i don't like it very much.

Don't forget that the best "mutual support" you can get is with an inverted triangle as it will allow your 2 units on the front to have a retreat path, not like in triangle :

See the exemple :

So i prefer the basic rules which force you to think twice on using a triangle support.
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December 2006
Re:Retreat -> Rout Mon, 18 December 2006 19:39
I try to keep to the two units in front plan, but it seems every time I end up with one unit in front, that's the time I get hit with 2 flags (the dice are loaded I tells ya!)

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August 2004
Re:Retreat -> Rout Mon, 18 December 2006 19:58
This idea will actually be more detrimental to the triangle formation, as technically you will have two units blocking the retreat, and therefore three units retreating. I prefer that you have to worry more about your placement of troops. Just my $.02
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December 2006
Re:Retreat -> Rout Mon, 18 December 2006 22:13
Hmm, am I the only one who sort of prefers units taking a loss and getting the chance to Battleback?

Because with the inverted triangle, if one of your units is forced to retreat, he gets no Battleback, and it's probably going to mean that your other frontal unit has also lost the ability to Battleback.

So I'd think that just losing 1 figure would be preferable... I suppose it's situational.

I'm not sure what is the best for gameplay, but I really do like your idea, thematically. I think it'd make rolling flags more useful (since currently I'd typically rather just score a hit most of the time), and I'd like to see lines breaking more often.

Of course, I've only played 7 games... but I'll keep your idea in mind! What happens if you have a really bizarre triangle made out of 6 or 7 units though? I'd presume those units (which are blocking) are routed as well.

I really do like this idea though... makes me want Heavy Cavalry to have a 'free flag' when they charge two hexes in a straight line... then you could use Heavy Cavalry to break a line, sorta. Razz I'm not sure how well it'd work, but it sounds fun... Maybe I'll just wait for an elephants unit, with the current retreat system.

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