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February 2004
Clarification regarding Fairy gold Mon, 22 March 2004 11:53

I recently purchased an English copy of FoD. I've read through the rules-leaflet but am having problems understanding all the fine details regarding Fairy gold.

1) On your FAQ there's an entry regarding there is a note saying that any Fairy gold used to purchase stones through the Merchant-card are lost to the bank. Does that mean that they will _NOT_ be replenished at the start of the next 10-card turn?

2) Some of the cards (Thief, Enchantress, Fairy) let people take a Fairy gold from the bank (or as the Thief, from another player). I know that the Fairy and Enchantress lets you keep that gold for the rest of the game. Does that also apply to gold which is received through the Thief?
Also, does the player who loses a Fairy gold to the thief get it back (or get a new from the bank) when the next 10-card turn starts, or will they start the next turn with only 7 Fairy gold instead of the normal amount of 8?
The general rules say: "Fairy Gold is magic and always returns to its original owner!" and this confuses me a bit.

Are there any other things that can cause someone to permanently receive or lose Fairy gold?
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Re:Clarification regarding Fairy gold Mon, 22 March 2004 23:04
1) yes, it's lost forever.
2) yes, you keep that coin for the rest of the game; the victim will play with 1 less gold for the rest of the game.
3) permanent loss = the Necromancer, if you choose to use his power!

P.S. "Fairy Gold is magic and always returns to its original owner": remove "original" from the sentence and think about some effects (Thief, etc.) as "change ownership"! Very Happy
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