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Peter de Zeeuw
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March 2005
  Nein... Du Bist Mein Freundin Nicht Mehr (To Zugbegleiterin) Tue, 24 April 2007 15:22
Well, well, well. Look who's back still hiding behind her sexy avatar... Zugbegleiterin.

Here you are, still giving a damn about people calling you a cheater two years ago, the "emotional damage" you suffered, but not a word about what you did to me. Oh yeah, you write about how you "lured" me into playing TTR, but don't let my lack of a private life flatter you. Because even though you're gone, I'm still here.

I remember the day you walked in my life. You were all woman. And Gods knows I like that in my women. Pretty face, pouting lips, firm bottom, legs you can suck on all day without losing its flavor. Yeah, I fell for you like an atomic bomb on a Japanese city. My mother warned me for you. She told me: "Peter, this girl will leave you with a broken heart or a VD (= Virus Digital)... or maybe both." But I wouldn't listen. And finally that day came...

Reminiscing 'that day' (that's why it is written in black and white):

It might have been May, 2004. We were all in Berlin, celebrating your 100th post and becoming a Senior Member to the TTR community. I remember waiting there on the stairs in front of the Debis Tower where the party was being held, holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers and ready to pop the big question; if you wanted to be my tag partner. But you were too caught up enjoying all the attention and had no eyes for me. So I waited and waited. Even when rain came pouring down from the heavens, I still waited, hanging on to that last spark of hope. But then, after 8 asparagus dishes and 4 bottles of champagne, this schmuck decided to wait no longer and took a train home. And it was then, during that trip, I came to my senses and my love for you swiftly began to disappear like the ozone layer.

And here you are again... after two years of silence. Did you expect me to welcome you back with open arms? Act like nothing ever happened? You think I don't feel? Sure, I can be a cold and insensitive! Sure, I'm a heart-breaker! Sure, I dress up in chains and black leather every Saturday evening! But does that mean I don't feel? Well I feel, missy! I feel every time they spank me!
You think one crappy farewell PM would make it all ok? I tore it into a thousand pieces and flushed it down the toilet! (By the way, you owe me a new flatscreen.) I did not wait for you, Zug, I moved on. I'm not made of stone either. Since then I have seen PLENTY of other women. Some of them even look back at me. No, I've done some 'livin' la vida loca', alright.

Yes, being apart from you was good thing. Ever since you left me I've noticed things that I never knew were there before; birds singing, the smell of grass in the morning after a rainy night, work piling up on my desk. The truth hurts doesn't it, Zug? Oh sure, maybe not as much as jumping on a bike with the seat missing, but it hurts.

Baby, you know if you'd only stayed, I would have fought for you until my last breath. I would have taken on all your accusers. But you didn't. You chickened-out and left me with a farewell PM and one lousy game. And remember the ending of that game on the 6th of May, 2005? It ended me on top and you down...

(And the crowd goes: "Ooooooooohhhw..." Shocked)

Yeah well, let me tell you something else, cupcake... I FAKED THAT WIN!

Yours (pfff, yeah once, maybe),


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May 2004
Re:Nein... Du Bist Mein Freundin Nicht Mehr (To Zugbegleiterin) Wed, 25 April 2007 07:25
Peter de Zeeuw wrote on Tue, 24 April 2007 07:22

Yeah well, let me tell you something else, cupcake... I FAKED THAT WIN!

Let's see, you faked a win to win a cupcake? Or are you saying you faked the win (And actually lost) to win the cupcake ?

Admit it, you just wanted the cupcake....

No more brownies for you!!


p.s. Oh yeah, welcome back Z...now win back that cupcake he took from you.

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Baron Von Schmidt
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January 2007
Re:Nein... Du Bist Mein Freundin Nicht Mehr (To Zugbegleiterin) Wed, 25 April 2007 08:49
Poor, poor Peter,

In love with a man (who was pretending to be a sexy woman). And to think you did it all over again just a year ago with a lovely Vegas_Dancer. Trust me baby, that was one man you didn't want to be falling in love with.

I feel your pain Peter. Well not really, but it sounds nice to say I feel your pain.

Now be a good dutchie and go get high,

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December 2004
Re:Nein... Du Bist Mein Freundin Nicht Mehr (To Zugbegleiterin) Mon, 30 April 2007 23:41
Booa, you want to blame me? Me who taught you the Original Zug's Vancouver Block? You're so absurd. All your stupid "There is looking at you, kid". I tell you what, I know you faked. Everyting on you is just faked! This six pack stomach we could use as percussion for our cajun polka love song! FAKED! The strong chest with the hairy Black Forest on it, where one good dive in and never find out again. And this tight butt that could melt an I.C.E. train away? And this mild and spicy smell that a tuscan spring would envy! ALL FAKED, FAKED, FAKED. And then this pathetic generosity! Ha! I give a dirt on all that nonsense gucchi bags and prada shoes, and listen carefully, especially those bright red pumps. I tell you what your problem is! Your are NOT attractive to women. This is your back-pack you carry on from one relationship to the next. And you won't never get rid of this, no matter how many hot babes want to talk you into something. You faked that win? Hahaaa! You couldn't fake a win without me helping you! Someday after all your vida loca you'll be old and alone and you'll sit in some sub-urb Amsterdam retirement shelter eating canned asparagus, you will regrett! But then it will be too late. Then I will have others. I give you one last chance! Come back to me before that happens. Buhuuu, no stay away. I will never forgive you. NEVER!
Peter de Zeeuw
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T2R Nation Cup 2012 Winner

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March 2005
Beautiful 2 Fri, 04 May 2007 18:57
Parental Discretion Advised: Rated PG-13 For Exposed Beer Belly

Y... y-you, you... w-w-what? I'm not, I'm not, not, what? I, I... I... oh, you! I just... m-mom!!! Sad

(Peter picks up the phone and starts dialing... again.)

Mommy: "Hello?"
Peter: "Hi mommy, it's me again."
Mommy: "Oh hi dear, is it busy at work?"
Peter: "Yeah, totally. Listen, mom, do remember Zugbegleiterin?"
Mommy: "Who?"
Peter: "Yes, you do! I told you about her! From Ticket To Ride, that German girl that was stalking me."
Mommy: "Oooh, yes... You mean that 'girl' that probably is a stinky 60 year old pervert, smoking cigars, picking his nose all the time and searching the internet for unsuspicious, innocent 29 year young virgins to defile? That 'girl' whose avatar you printed out and had in your wallet for a few months, telling all your friends it was your girlfriend?"
Peter: "Yes, that's the one."
Mommy (sighs): "Oh dear..."
Peter: "She humiliated me in public! She said I am NOT attractive! Say it isn't so mommy, say it isn't so!"
Mommy: "It isn't so."
Peter: "Mom! It's important to me!"
Mommy: "Ok, ok! Here we go... Peter is very handsome, Peter smells very nice, Peter can get every girl he likes, Peter is strong and righteous, Peter is... uh, half a kilo cheese, 6 eggs, 1 bread, 10 canned vegetables, SpongeBob toilet paper..."
Peter: "MOM! That's my shopping list!"
Mommy: "Then why didn't you write this on a new piece of paper! How am I supposed to know?"
Peter: "Oh, mom. Never mind, ok? Thank you for building up my self-esteem again."
Mommy: "My pleasure. But I sure wish you'd stop internet dating and finally settle down in the real world... And how does your boss feel about..."
Peter: "Fo shizzle, ma nizzle! Gotta go now! Spank you very much! Bye!"

Zug, listen, we both said things we regret - you more than I have - but I'm willing to let bygones be bygones, on one condition... Give me a best of 7 against you. This time I won't "fake" my wins. This time I'll be very sincere showing you all corners of America... Tourist style! Twisted Evil

If you do not accept, I don't mind. I understand if I'm too much of a man for you to handle. But that's ok. I have plenty of other things to do with my time. My weekends are always filled with lots of joyful activities. No sweat.

So catch ya later, Cupcake, Cool


(Rolli, close your eyes...)

Somewhere in a club on a Saturday evening in Rotterdam...

(Music plays in the background...)

"Bück dich befehl ich dir!
wende dein Antlitz ab von mir
dein Gesicht ist mir egal
bück dich nocheinmal!"


(And the music continuous...)

"Backstreet's back, alright!"


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March 2006
Re:Beautiful 2 Fri, 04 May 2007 19:10
hi all,

This is really going too far and has nothing to do in a competitive forum.
What I do not understand - and that's a general remark - why two people that have a problem with each other don't discuss that with pm's. Is it so much funnier when other people can read your soaps, that everything has to come in the public forum ?

Sorry Peter, I like to play games with 4 with you - but this - no words.
Byeee, Marie
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December 2004
Re:Nein... Du Bist Mein Freundin Nicht Mehr (To Zugbegleiterin) Fri, 04 May 2007 19:28
Dude, I laughed. LOUDLY. Hey is that Lance.
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