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January 2008
  possible 2 player game???? Sun, 06 January 2008 00:59
i was just wondering if it was possilbe to play a 2 player game and if you could what changes would you make?
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May 2005
Re:possible 2 player game???? Sun, 06 January 2008 08:10
Sure you can.

I. Every player gets two arenas, so there are 4 and every player plays as if he was two players.

II. (Suggestion by Zockerprofi I have not et tried but sound pretty good):

1. The (two) arenas are located at the short ends of the arena, where is printed a '4'.
2. Every player gets 20 green cards in the beginning and two shows.
3. The market do have four not three cards, but one of them is covered.
4. You have to bid ten but eight coins for a market in the beginning.

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February 2008
Re:possible 2 player game???? Sun, 27 September 2009 06:06
I've played with only 2-players, however, it makes the game less fun, buying markets and trading asset tokens is less thrilling, definitely best played with 4 or 5 players
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