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March 2008
Enhancing the program ! Sun, 24 May 2009 17:02
Hi there
i m not sure it s the right place to make this kind of demand but i ll post it anyway !

I was wondering if it would be possible to slightly reprogramm the game, in order for it to emit a small sound or bip or dring dring when a game starts !

It should be simple to do i guess !

I ask that because there are often people that wait several minutes for a game to start because there is none 4th player yet, so they do something else while waiting and then they don t notice when the game finally starts, resulting in more and more waiting for the other players, and sometimes in a game against unwanted bots !

So if the game could emit a small sound when a game starts, these situations could be avoided by simply reminding everybody they were waiting for a game Smile

Thanks for what you can do.

And sorry for my bad english, i just never learned how to wright it Smile

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