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January 2009
I need help understanding combat??? Sun, 14 June 2009 06:41
I just got this game and we were trying to play it but am confused about the combat phase. Can you only have combat if you have a battle card? How do you get battle cards? On the very first turn we pick the navigation and than we have two ships at one island, but no one has a battle card what do we do?
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August 2007
Re:I need help understanding combat??? Mon, 15 June 2009 11:21
Hi reimann.
The battle cards can accompany battle, but are not responsible for battle.
As soon as you have two ships at the same outer island there will be a battle to resolve who gets the treasure/plunder. Only one ship can take it!

If you have a battle card you may declare it PRIOR to battle commencing and it's consequences stay in effect for the entire battle.

Volley cards on the other hand are declared prior to a single roll of the dice DURING a battle. The consequences of the volley card are immediate and only effect that roll of the dice.

Battle cards and volley cards are amongst the tavern cards.
Tavern cards may be recieved as treasure, can be bought at tavern island (island #1) or received/bought at pirate's cove.
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