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Spring Fair Event Card Wed, 29 July 2009 02:15
We just played a session where the Spring Fair Event caused some controversy. The rules indicate that you cannot make an accusation if there are still cards in the Parlatorium to be drawn.

The Spring Fair event puts cards back into the Parlatorium. When the event hit, the Parlatorium had already been emptied, we were late into the game and the cards that were placed into it were basically meaningless to all of us.

I had the suspect completely nailed down and was running off to the Capitulum to make my accusation. Just as I started to do this, my brother piped up and said I couldn't because there were cards back in the Parlatorium.

The other player agreed with him, so I gave in and went about removing the cards from the Parlatorium again. By the time I managed to clear them out the other two had figured out the killer as well and my friend managed to make the accusation I was going to make two rounds earlier, thus costing me the win.

My question is, is this how the Spring Fair works? Should you be forced to empty the Parlatorium again if it was already emptied once?
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Re:Spring Fair Event Card Mon, 10 August 2009 23:15
My opinion is to take the rules literally (until told otherwise by an author or DOW employee), which means as long as there are cards in the Parlatorium, then you can't make an accusation (i.e., your brothers were right).

The rules say: "No accusation can be made as long as there are still Suspect cards to be had from going into the parlor."

There were suspect cards in the room.

Ergo, no accusations.

It's a real bummer though if you get stuck like you did.
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