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Sgt Storm
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December 2006
Answer only as Good as Player Questioned Wed, 05 January 2011 22:41
I thought this anecdote might be interesting for other players.

My family played this game several times over the holidays (for some reason my young kids are into this game now). Most questions between monks the other players asked were of the form "Do you have <suspect-name> checked off?".

In the past I have pretty much relied on the answers because I know the players will answer honestly, even the very young ones. And when the young ones are asked a question, we check and double-check they understand what is being asked. Therefore, I don't make a distinction between suspects I have eliminated from cards seen directly and suspects eliminated by "eavesdropping" on other players questions (at least when they are direct questions like those of the form above).

In one game, I ended up with all suspects eliminated but one, and had quick access to the Chapter Hall. Naturally, I was very excited as a correct accusation would win the game. However, I was stunned when a player produced the evidence to refute my accusation. I was down 2 points, but was pretty sure it must have been my 81 year-old somewhat-confused-looking relative, who was also a new player, that had answered a key question of mine incorrectly. So I took a gamble tried again and was again refuted.

We later found out that a rather young player had checked off Brother Andre after misinterpreting another player's question about whether Brother Andre was checked off. Anyhow, when yet another player asked the young player whether Andre was checked off, and he responded "Yes" I checked off Andre. He answered honestly as he indeed had Andre checked off, and of course couldn't remember why he had checked it off.

Previously, I was aware that questions/answers of that type were of questionable value, but never qualified any info received from the answers. Its obvious to me now that an answer is only as reliable as the player answering the question. Now, besides checking off a suspect, I also record whether I actually saw the card or whether it was second hand information. (I also record information about which cards I pass and so on.)

BTW, it was the 81-year old obviously-smarter-than-I-thought relative and newbie player that won the game with the correct accusation.

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February 2012
Re:Answer only as Good as Player Questioned Sun, 05 February 2012 00:21
Great story. I had a similar experience also.

My notes are pretty crazy. I have notation for cards that I *know* I have seen. I'm also a jerk and mark down which cards I know that other players have seen, since I like to restrict the amount of knowledge that others have. Finally, I have a notation for which suspects are eliminated by which players.

This helped me a lot, as I had narrowed it down to two suspects. When a friend of mine made a wrong accusation because he eliminated 23 suspects (based also on eavesdropping), I re-evaluated those that I didn't know for certain. Good thing, too. Those two suspects I initially had were both cleared. The real murderer was eliminated by my friend in error. Helped me to win the game.
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