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Michael Wittmann

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August 2007
Defination of "Damage" Mon, 07 March 2011 04:59
If a player chose to flee and his ship is not "Damage", it must suffer a Mutiny.

So the "Damage" means crippled(the strengh is move to the hex on the left of skull) or been hurt(down-grade but nit crippled)?
Sgt Storm
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December 2006
Re:Defination of "Damage" Wed, 09 March 2011 00:47
If you choose to flee before one of your sections is crippled you roll for mutiny. Crippled means the section marker moves off the chart. The rules specifically spell this out:


If a ship flees to Pirate's Cove without having been crippled (that is, without having one of its strength marker's pushed off its lowest level), its captain runs the risk of a mutiny. He rolls 1 die; if he rolls a 1, a mutiny occurs. The crew, tired of working for a cowardly captain revolts and takes over the ship. The player loses all gold and treasure on board, and its captain walks the plank (-2 fame points).

In other words, if you leave the battle before you are forced (due to a crippled section) you are acting "cowardly" and may therefore suffer a mutiny.
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