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Your most one sided game Thu, 16 June 2011 13:31
I just played my most one sided game ever. I started out with bivouwaking (sp?) ghouls which allowed me to take the top left corner and leave it untouchable. The ai came in with fortified elves and took the bottom of the map. Inital score: 4 vs 6.

Round two kicked in and i went into decline again only giving me another 4 points. The elves continued to expand and increased their lead scoring another 8 points.

Round 3 I came in from the top left with my ghouls and flanked the elves on the right coming in from the bottom right with pillaging sorcerers. They converted a mountain elf and sealed the fate of the remaining elves.

The sorcerers continued to pillage the land eventually turning on the ghouls when there was nowhere else to turn. The elves kept fighting back building fortifications wherever they could and occassionally giving up another convert to the cause. Eventually they realized they were doomed and the dwarves came in cleaning up some of the ghouls, but by this point it was too late. My ghouls and sorcerers were scoring upwards of 19 points a turn.

Final score: 133 to 63!


Post your lopsided victories here and spread the humiliation further!
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