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August 2011
Suggested improvements Sat, 20 August 2011 20:31
Just bought the app, having played the board game once before.

There is a lot of info in this game, with the different races and powers and it's a lot for a new player to digest.

It would be extremely helpful if a player could tap an opponent's race icon to get info about that player's race. Unless I can remember every power or decipher upside down iconography, I can't figure out what my opponent can do and so don't know how to counter.

Also, please, add a toggle to turn off the intro music. Without it I have to manually switch off my pad's speakers before launching, which is an unnecessary hassle.

Plus I was so sure you must have a toggle somewhere that I spent fifteen minutes looking for it with the music playing when I first launched the app. Not a good first impression and something that makes me hesitant to buy TTR.
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September 2011
Re:Suggested improvements Wed, 28 September 2011 22:57
I loose the first 3 game, because not to easy overview all skill. It will very good, if I can modify the skill of the AI opponent level (same like the chess)
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