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December 2007
Strategies/methods for last round Sat, 22 October 2011 06:48
I love this game and it has quickly become a favorite for my family and my monthly gaming group.

My question is regarding the last round of game play. In the last two games I played, the win was a bit ambiguous because of a lack of clarity concerning the bidding on the last round.

One method that we have done is to say that on the last turn, all actions are not completed. i.e. ships are resolved, cargo traded/victory cards purchased, but ships NOT re-deployed. This is sort of in response/reaction to the fact that on the very first round ships are only deployed. This seems like a natural way to do it, but it does seem to favor the last players in each round. (i.e. player 4 in a 4 player game) Maybe that was just our luck.

Another method we have used is to say ships MAY be redeployed if you want to outbid another player, and keep them (but ultimately also you) from collecting that port's cargo. This method seems to make people look very carefully at other players' gold and income to see if they can get shafted in the end or not. This method seems to favor player 1 somewhat.

Both ways seem to have advantages/disadvantages. The consensus in the forum seems to be that players CAN redeploy to block on the last round, but I wonder if others have played the method where they can't.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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April 2007
Re:Strategies/methods for last round Wed, 26 October 2011 15:05
Hi and welcome to the forums,

Official ruling is that you may send ships to harbors on last turn to prevent your opponents from getting goods. However, since you may need your coins to buy a good card on the last turn, it is not always wise to use them to block your opponents.
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March 2008
Re:Strategies/methods for last round Mon, 02 January 2012 01:30
Ok I am sorry but I am still confused... here is the gaming situation that we encountered today. We played a 3-player game. I was the first player. In turn 10 I bid on a port and my sister (player 3) outbid me (still in turn 10). Then comes turn 11... what happens now? Can I add more coins to that very same port? And if I can do I get the cargo? Or does nobody get it?
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December 2007
Re:Strategies/methods for last round Mon, 02 January 2012 20:48
To answer RyanandTuende,

On the 11th turn, you can up your bid with more coins so your sister doesn't get the port and cargo, but you won't be able to claim it either. But sometimes a block like that can decide the game, so look carefully at the situation and it may be worth it.
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