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May 2012
LP taking turns? Wed, 02 May 2012 08:24
Awast ye pirate dogs! I have a question for thee.

Some Legendary Pirates state e.g. "Shoots at the player's ship with the biggest hull first". Now how should "first" be interpreted in this matter?

We had a furious discussion about it as one part believed this meant "decide every new round who has the biggest hull and he will fire at that player" while the other part meant "will initially start shooting at the one with the biggest hull and then take turns on the rest of the players". Are any of us right?

Another thing: If two or more players are tied in hull size should the pirate then roll a dice?

Let the old matey know ya answers or walk the plank!
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Re:LP taking turns? Thu, 03 May 2012 17:24
Just as in combat between players, the LP also restarts each round with the ship that meets the "first attack" criteria. So, in the case where the LP attacks ship with the largest hull, this is re-evaluated each round. If there is a tie, then roll the dice. The rules spell out that all ties in the game are resolved via die rolls (see quote below). So I would have each player being attacked roll one die and the one with lowest roll gets hit first.

"Throughout the Combat, Plunder and Upgrade phases, the
fastest ship on an island always acts first. If two or more
pirates have the same level of Sails, each rolls a die against the
other(s) to break the tie in favor of the highest number. All
other ties throughout the game are decided by using the same
dice roll mechanism.
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