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May 2012
Iron parrots Wed, 02 May 2012 09:59
Another question to clarify:

When someone has a parrot on the ship e.g. on the cannons and the cannons get hit te parrot taps at first hit and dies on the second (leaving a mark of -2 fame).

Question is: does the parrot take the damage instead of the cannons or do the cannons suffer damage as well (in other words: does the parrot work as a mastercraft too).

I hope for an answer to this as tihs has given yet another furious debate.
Sgt Storm
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December 2006
Re:Iron parrots Thu, 03 May 2012 17:17
The parrot card takes damage the first two hits, with no damage to the cannons (in your case). In this respect it behaves just like a Mastercraft card.

From page 6 of rules:

"If the section attacked features a Mastercraft or Parrot card,
that card absorbs the first two hits prior to any damage to that
section. On the first hit, the card is turned sideways to show
its damage and on the second it is discarded. Only then do further
hits on that section cause the strength marker to be lowered
(moved left)."

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