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Re:Equipment Pack: Rules are available Fri, 06 July 2012 16:04
tank commander wrote on Fri, 06 July 2012 00:02

On pg 4 I found something that should be brought up.

There is an incorrect passage on LCTs under "Movement".

"When a Landing Craft finishes its move on a beach or shore hex, it is automatically removed, at no medal cost, and the unit it carried is left on the hex where it landed."

Please note that the section "or shore" should not have been included(as shore is considered ocean [FAQ pg 8] and LCs do not land their units in ocean). The correct passage is included in the latest FAQ (pg 27).

Also note that LCs may also land on terrain types (other than beaches) / obstacles that are adjacent to ocean / shore hexes as long as that hex is not impassable to the LC or the unit it carries.

FAQ p.8

Q. What is a shore hex?
A. For reference, an Ocean hex adjacent to a Beach hex is considered a shore hex. A shore hex contains both Ocean and Beach, and can be found with movement and battle details on Terrain 7 - Ocean summary card.

FAQ p.27

Q. The rules for Landing Craft in the Air Pack rules are different than the Summary card. Which one is correct?
A. The Summary Card is correct. The Landing Craft rule in the Air Pack at the top of page 11, second column, should say:
"When Landing Craft finish their move on a beach hex, they are automatically removed, at no medal cost, and the unit they carried left on the hex they landed on". The text -"or shore hex"- is deleted. Also: "They have no direct battle capability, and the units they carry may not battle while in them or during the turn in which they land on the beach". The word -"shore"- is changed to beach.

Q. Can a Landing Craft move onto the same hex as a hedgehog?
A. No. This means it cannot disembark its troops on any hex that contains a hedgehog.

Q. Can a Landing Craft move onto any terrain hex or only a beach hex?
A. Landing Craft can move onto any countryside hex, beach hex, terrain hex, or obstacle, as long as the hex is not impassable for the Landing Craft or the unit on board.

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Re:Equipment Pack: Rules are available Sat, 11 August 2012 05:43
Antoine wrote on Wed, 04 July 2012 08:58

Hi soldiers,
In that case, once a hex has a Cross-hair marker, ANY Big Gun unit and Destroyer targeting the unit in this hex roll 1 additional die.

Hope it helps. Smug

That's unfortunate.

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