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December 2012
I get that rudeness is.... Mon, 31 December 2012 02:41
To online gaming as trees are to the forest, but these players who do nothing but block are enough to make you want to stop playing the game.

Furthermore, when DoW seats me at a table with a player and he takes the time to say, "Yeah, right. Scram," the only thing I can think is, perhaps this kid needs to spend less time playing TtR and more time learning how his sad self needs to learn not to be a pathetic loser.

And if you behave this way, yes, I'm absolutely talking to you.

Bye now.
Mr Bean
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May 2006
Re:I get that rudeness is.... Mon, 31 December 2012 12:25
Blocking happens to be an essential part of Ticket to Ride.
ONLY blocking will loose you most games, but there are definitely games in which blocking will be your only way to avoid defeat Razz
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May 2013
Re:I get that rudeness is.... Fri, 24 May 2013 05:05
(Sorry. This turned into a long response.)

I agree. Blocking is a tactic that often backfire, but it is a big part of the game, even "no block" games. After all, you ARE trying to claim the best routes before other players get them.

What I like about blocking is it seems more 'honest' to me. What I mean is, the game is designed to force you into a lack of available resources, requiring you to challenge others for the most convenient paths.

One strategy people seem to prefer is building up a huge store of cards then laying them out exactly as they had intended w/o being molested. If played "nice" (it SUCKS(!!) that ppl call no block games "nice", btw), you can easily find your way around paths that your opponent takes. It's almost like they want to play with each person on their own map, and the highest points / best use of the map wins. But the game is not really balanced for that.

I tend to refer to that strategy as 'shooting the moon' ala Hearts. If you let your opponent run the Hearts he gets 26 points. Nice for him, but everyone loses 26 also. Should you let your opponent get the best highest scoring plays, just to play "nice"?

My only real point is, there are strengths and weaknesses to different strategies. Telling ppl not to take advantage of the weakness of your chosen strategy is .. uncomfortable. Esp. when the weaknesses in their strategy are happily shot up. The best reason for game rules is to avoid hurt feelings after the game starts.

HOWEVER, yes, it does feel bad getting jacked with by big blockers. One way around that is to only play games with names that sound sweet, like nice, cool, clean, fun or fair (grrrrr!! I swear they use those names to be jerks). Or they may just call them something appropriate, like "no block". No block games are a great way to agree on house rules in advance. I play them a lot. It's a different rule set essentially.

If you do play blockers, it helps to misdirect them, so they waste resources blocking the wrong paths. Screwing with their blocking tactics can be extra fun! Also, try to leave those last connecting routes with as many choices nearby as possible to avoid a block.

It also helps not to take it personally, b/c the "blockers" are actually trying to have a fun game too, w/o hurting anyone's feelings, and they don't always know you are against their play style.
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Railway Tycoon

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July 2007
Re:I get that rudeness is.... Fri, 24 May 2013 07:31
To answer the original poster, it does stink when you get blocked all over the place and you're new to the game. And it really stinks when you come across rude players. Sorry that happened!

You should be able to add that person (and other people like him) to you "ignore" list. Then you shouldn't run into him again. Sadly there are rude people in every game system, and TTR is no different. Also, I imagine you we're placed with the player who messages you in the iPad game, and I'm not sure how that system works. It's too bad you were put with someone who didn't want to play you.
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