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June 2013
BE NOT AFRAID English backorder Tue, 18 June 2013 00:51

I have been waiting to buy the "Be Not Afraid" expansion. It says that the US version is on back order until 6/15/2013. However, we are past that date and nothing..... I switched to the UK site and they have them in stock, but there isn't an option to bill/ship to US addresses.

Any update on this? I'm trying to buy your game and I'm getting frustrated. I can buy it off Amazon (for a marked up price and no Amazon Prime). But I'd rather get it from y'all. Or at least an update of the status please.

Thank you.
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August 2013
Re:BE NOT AFRAID English backorder Sun, 25 August 2013 14:16
Hey Panda!

I myself am very interested in this expansion for Small World, and have just checked the store website here at Days of Wonder. The new date posted is 9/1/2013 - so that's only 7 days away! We'll have to keep our eyes open so we can snap up a copy as soon as they appear - I WANT THE PYGMIES!!! Smile

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