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armored train movement/firing Fri, 04 October 2013 22:49
I'm writing a scenario that is going to use an armored train. When ordering an armored train does the locomotive location determine if it can be activated or is it the wagon/artillery, or either one. For example if the locomotive is in the center and right flank section and the wagon/artillery is only in the right flank, which section card can be used? Or visa versa, with the wagon artillery in both sections and the locomotive in only one section. I looked it up on the FAQ but didn't come across an answer. What section determines your ability to fire the artillery? Thanks.

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Sgt Storm
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Re:armored train movement/firing Sat, 05 October 2013 01:12
It helps to refer to the original rules, which is hard if you weren't around when the different items came out.

According to terrain pack rules, page 12: "If the
train is across two sections, it may be ordered in either section."

I imagine the same holds for firing the artillery in an armoured train (although when I most recently played with this unit I required the wagon to be in the section ordered - pretty obvious to me now that this is incorrect).
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