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June 2013
Ticket to Ride installer - Infected? Wed, 23 October 2013 02:10
I just bought the Humble Bundle and went to install Ticket to Ride on my Windows PC, and F-Secure has blocked it, saying it's infected with a heuristic trojan.

I had a friend (who works for F-Secure) download the file from Humble and he also got messages that it's infected. All antivirus systems using the BitDefender engine are registering this. He has forwarded the information to the virus team, asking them to look into it, but obviously it'll take them some time to check for false positives.

Of course, it's also possible the infection is genuine.

The detection information is:
Malicious code found in file(s)

 \Ticket to Ride\.install4j\i4j94513668316137580.tmp
 \Ticket to Ride\.install4j\Ticket to Ride Updater.exe
 \Ticket to Ride\.install4j\i4j5888825120180020241.tmp
Infection: Gen:Trojan.Heur.JP.nu1@amqbr6ni
Infection: Gen:Trojan.Heur.JP.pu1@ae8n1@pi
It only appears to affect the Install4J file (Windows) and not the installer through Steam.
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