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June 2013
Europe and 1910 modes missing on Android Wed, 30 October 2013 05:54
Hi all! I've had TtR for Android for a while now and with the most recent Humble Bundle I was pleased to get Europe and 1910 as well. But while both DLCs work fine on Steam, they don't show up as purchased on the android version in either single or multiplayer. I'm logged in, I redeemed the keys on the DoW website as instructed, and Europe and 1910 icons are on this (merged) account profile page which is tied to both my Steam and Android copies.

I'm at a loss. Anyone have any thoughts as to what's wrong? Thanks!
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October 2013
Re:Europe and 1910 modes missing on Android Sun, 03 November 2013 04:20
I'm not positive, but I think you have to install the Humble a Bundle version of the app on your device. Try that instead of the Play Store version.
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