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Rulings by TDs Wed, 05 March 2014 17:21
As a TD, and watching TDs, I write this note considering the many TDs who help the tournaments go.

Speaking for myself mainly, I think this needs shared:

1. Know that we prefer not to have to make rulings and wish the games & matches of a tournament are decided on the game board. That is the strong preference.

Having said that, know that we will make the rulings needed if we have to. Some of us more slowly than others, but rulings will be made.

2. Any player choosing to play in a tournament has the responsibility to 'Keep the community informed!' I mean this especially when there is a schedule concern. There are two ways to keep the community informed. One is by pms to the TD and opponents. And the other is to make a note in the FORUM. The note in the FORUM can be more general, but it is important that the community is apprised of situations as well as the TD.

3. Deadlines are an important part of a tournament, but they also are the trickiest dimension. Part of the issue concerns deadlines early and late in a tournament. If someone in round one needs extra time, easy to be graceful and extend the deadline. But if it is last round of round robin, then extending a deadline is much more difficult. (That seems unfair, and probably is, but it is the reality.) Some would want a deadline to be a hard fast rule, (late rounds early rounds treated the same) and many others in community want there to be grace so matches are decided on the gameboard. That indeed is where different TDs have different approaches and may represent the different players of the community as well.

4. Finally, there is the tricky dimension of Time Zone differences when any TD has to make a ruling. That too is simply tricky and has often presented the greatest headaches. This is a puzzle that has to constantly be worked on and lived through.

Tournaments here are wonderful for the community. help us make them continue to be great.

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