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March 2014
Ticket to Ride Legendary Asia -- wrong city name Sun, 16 March 2014 18:27
My kids love TTR Europe, and I like it a lot because it teaches them the historical names of the European cities. I was thinking to buy a Legendary Asia Expansion. So I checked the game board
before making a decision.

The Legendary Asia game rules booklet opens like follows: "Welcome to Ticket to Ride Legendary Asia - a fun and exciting Ticket to Ride expansion set in these forbidding eastern lands at the dawn of the 20th Century." While most of the city names on the board are correct some of them are not.

While TTR Europe did a great job at re-creating map of Europe as it was in 1900s (with one exception, Petrograd was actually Saint-Petersburg until 1914), Legendary Asia does not.
The country borders on the map are modern, even Israel is there (which did not exist until 1949), along with all former Soviet republics (none of which existed until 1918). The Europe map borders are actual borders at circa 1912. For example, there is Warsaw but there is no Poland on the Europe board, since Poland was part of Russia until 1918, there are no Baltic states, no Czech republic, no Hungary, etc.

Two of the cities on the Legendary Asia board, Tbilisi and Ulan Bator, have wrong names for the "dawn of the 20th Century."
Tbilisi was called Tiflis until 1918. But this is a minor problem. The bigger is the second one. The capital of Mongolia name at that time was Khuree then later Urga. It was renamed Ulan Bator only in 1920s, after Mongolia was taken over by communist forces helped by the Soviet Union troops.

Ulan Bator means Red Hero in Mongolian.

More details can be found on Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ulan_bator

I think it is unfair to people of a small country who suffered tens of years under communist rule imposed on them by a foreign aggressive super-power, to present the communist name of their capital, as the historical name.

The game developers should have at least checked Wikipedia before publishing the game. It is a large responsibility, since the game is owned by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, to get such easily verified things right. Most of them will learn the names of the cities from this game, some probably for life (like my kids). It would only take several hours to check that all city names are correct using Wikipedia.

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July 2016
Re:Ticket to Ride Legendary Asia -- wrong city name Sat, 22 October 2016 04:52
Thing is, this map wasn't made by Days of Wonder; it was the winner of a design contest. So while the tickets say "1913", it has a very inaccurate map.

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