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July 2013
Leaving game early - ranking Wed, 28 May 2014 01:58
Hi folks,

When someone leaves a game early, and I go on to win the game, how does this impact ranking?

I run into situations where I am about to win a game against another player, but they suddenly leave, being replaced by a bot. If I continue on to win, does my ranking increase even though I have now beaten a bot? Does the former player's ranking decrease?


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December 2013
Re:Leaving game early - ranking Thu, 29 May 2014 14:54
I believe your ranking is adjusted based on the original player's ranking so it is unaffected if someone leaves early and is replaced by a bot. If you look at your most recent games history, it'll record the name of the player that you beat, not the name of the bot. Similarly, if you leave a game early (perhaps unintentionally due to internet connection problrms), you often can see that you lost a game even though the bot finished it for you (unless the other players abandoned the game too).
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