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August 2014
Feedback on the new vesion Thu, 26 November 2015 06:17
Sorry if this is not the right place for this. I am new to the forum.

I find it much harder to scroll through my tickets. Tapping on it doesnt always change which one you are looking at, as now it brings up the get new ticket box. Sometimes i need to see which routes to prioritise.

Why do you take a chunk out of the completed tickets? Is it for colour blind people? If so could you make an option to turn it off or to move it. In the swiss version it blocks the point value for france on the multi tickets. Sometimesi want to know if it is worth going to another country or not.

Also when you are choosing new tickets i want to be able to see what trains are face up. Particularly late in the game i may only keep a ticket if the colour i need is face up.

I liked the old ticket placementand being able to see at a glance how many were left.

Thank you for reading this.
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January 2013
Re:Feedback on the new vesion Fri, 27 November 2015 19:41
Not happy! Not user friendly at all!

1. Can't see the color of train cards when choosing routes
2. Can't find where to adjust perimeters
3. Hard to determine the opponents ranking prior to joining a game
4. What is the time factor?
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January 2015
Re:Feedback on the new vesion Sun, 29 November 2015 09:50
What happened to left handed playing in new version? I have changed a hand in settings but still cards are on the right side!
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Re:Feedback on the new vesion Sun, 29 November 2015 17:42
That's a known bug that we're working to fix. For some reason that setting does not work as intended and we're looking at a regular update schedule, so that issue will be on the list of things to fix in the updates.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.
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