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Issue: "My Turn" Badge and playability Sun, 29 November 2015 21:57
Two issues in here.. wWen I have a game that I get notified I have a turn in, the app gets a badge, this is good. However, when I run the app, I still have to choose Play->Online->Resume in order to get into that game. The old version offered as soon as the app was run "Would you like to play your turn..." I think the new app should do this.

Also, once I have played my turn, if I just quit the app (Home button), the badge persists. This is really annoying. To get the badge to go away, I have to leave the game (left arrow in the upper left corner, Exit, Yes I want to leave this game). Kind of a lot of steps to get rid of the badge!

And a third related issue, since the game is automatically saved, there shouldn't be a "Do you want to leave this game for now?" notice, it should just leave since no permanent harm/change is done.
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Re:Issue: "My Turn" Badge and playability Tue, 01 December 2015 00:50
If you would, please submit this as a bug/feature request using the following form:

Give as many details as you can so the crew knows exactly what you're talking about and can look at the possibility of changing this. Thanks!
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