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Admiral Fisher2

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January 2004
First play soon - revelations public/private? Sat, 26 March 2005 14:13

I've played most of the other DOW games and have recently bought this one.

As I see it, when you make a revelation, you have to tell all the other players what it is. Doesn't this help them to figure things out, too? I can see that you may give a false one to throw others off (and lose a point, I know), but has anyone tried playing with secretive revelations? That is, you write them on a piece of papaer and no-one gets to see them until the end.

I can understand that those who've played will tell me that it wouldn't work. Having not played it yet, I'd like to know what the advantages of public revelations are, though. I can see the downside very easily.
-= Crew =-
Advanced Combat Training

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October 2002
Re:First play soon - revelations public/private? Sat, 26 March 2005 18:39
The advantage of a public revelation is that this way once made noone else can make the same (though they could make the opposite one!). Besides, other players are likely to take your revelations with a grain of salt, as experience shows that not all revelations turn out to be correct. Very Happy
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