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April 2019
Anyone else out there fellow vampire slayers? Mon, 01 April 2019 05:00
I\'ve had an old copy of this out of print game for many years, and I\'m still getting requests from my friends to play it. Anyone else out there fellow vampire slayers?

I\'m aware it\'s not exactly a family-friendly game to the extent of your other titles, with the creepier overtones, and the whole vampire thing, but I thought I\'d put a plea in for this title as a remake maybe =D I always thought it was much more fun than many games that I\'d played. When I found your titles like Pirate\'s Cove and Mystery of the Abbey, I thought I\'d at least ask Smile

I always loved the scotland yard aspect of the game, and the atmosphere it creates is wonderful.

I can see it now with DoW\'s pretty graphical updates and better materials (like cards rather than the billion little chits the game comes with.) Just the thought is makin\' me drool. Very Happy

GW won\'t say anything about their older titles like Fury of Dracula (or Talisman, but that\'s a whole other ball of wax) and I hoped that someone with their fingers more on the pulse would be able to do anything about getting this great title exposed to a wider audience.
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November 2007
Re:Anyone else out there fellow vampire slayers? Mon, 01 April 2019 08:47
I won many of Days of Wonder games, bi=u this one I do not know.

Can you give more info or pictures even? Smile
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