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January 2020
What information is on the bank card? Tue, 31 March 2020 18:58

Every day more and more people are switching to a cashless payment method. Bank cards replace banknotes, saving time and sometimes the money of their holders.

Making non-cash payments and making money transfer from card to card is convenient, fast and safe.
Have you paid attention to the fact that there are some figures on the bank card. What information is on the bank card?
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March 2020
Re:What information is on the bank card? Wed, 01 April 2020 11:47
A bank card is a plastic card the size of a business card. All bank cards in the world have a standard size of 5x8 cm. 

Each card is tied to a specific bank account.

On the front of the map you can find:

1. the name of the issuing bank, the one that issued the card or owns it. 

2. The name and logo of the payment system. Today, the two largest systems are Visa and Mastercard;

3. card number. Typically, it's 16 digits. 

The first 6 digits is a BIN (Bank Identification Number) checker that allows you to identify the issuer bank by the card number https://payspacemagazine.com/bin-card/

4. expiration date;

5. Sometimes the name of the card holder is listed on the bank card. 

On the back of the bank card is a secret authorization code (CVV or CVC code) and contacts of the issuer bank.
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January 2020
Re:What information is on the bank card? Sat, 04 April 2020 21:33
Thank you for the information. I didn't even think about what's on the map. Now I understand how important it is that these cards are a mystery to outsiders.
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