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Junior Member

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June 2005
  suspect sheets Sat, 27 August 2005 22:18
Hi everyone,

just out of curosity, about how many times do you use a suspect sheet before throwing it away? I usualy use them once, but we ran out realy quickly and had to order some more.
Luke the Flaming
Senior Member

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July 2003
Re:suspect sheets Sun, 28 August 2005 02:19
If someone is fine using a pencil and doing only light marks (annotations, etc.), I clean the sheet and use it a second time (usually it can last any longer) after the game. Otherwise (and that's the common practice) we use them once.
Junior Member

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January 2005
Re:suspect sheets Sat, 03 September 2005 00:24
I used contact lamination sheets to laminate them (just 8 or so, not the entire stack), then used dry erase markers with little erasers on the caps. Works great so far.

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July 2005
Re:suspect sheets Wed, 26 July 2006 23:49
I am going to try laminating some sheets myself, but I found that the suspect sheet is available in .PDF format from the rules link on the page for this game. So, you could print more for yourself, if you wanted to. I am keeping an electronic copy, just in case. Smile
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July 2006
Re:suspect sheets Fri, 08 September 2006 15:51
I've seen some .pdf's floating around here somewhere. Further, over at boardgamegeek.com, someone has come up with variant sheets with more spaces for marking off other data, like beardedness, girth, etc.

I'll probably use them once each for a while until I figure out what sheets I like best, and then go with the lamination/dry erase method.
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