Memoir '44 Projects of yangtze

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The Mission Cards can be used without the Meeting Engagement rules - simply deal 1 card to each player at the start of any scenario. If the card's mission is strictly impossible to achieve, reveal the card and choose another at random.
These are the rules for the Meeting Engagement scenario, and the rules for using Mission cards in both regular and Meeting Engagement scenarios:
Here are the cards:
Here are the card backs:

Here are the pdfs:
 Here's an example page from an earlier version of the Objective Cards to which another fan added beautiful graphics:
Western Front 1:
Western front 2: Box1
Eastern Front:

North Africa 1:

North Africa 2:
Box2 (above)


Here's a simple campaign idea for Eastern Front scenarios both official and user. This has been eclipsed by Campaign Book 1 somewhat, but still provides a different way to play.
This document lists official scenarios in order of play balance, giving you a handicap figure for one-off games. It probably needs updating in the light of latest figures, but it's still useful as a guide: Rules

Simple rules to retrofit Tigers, SWAs, and Trucks to earlier scenarios. There's a Word version for you to tinker with, and a very pretty pdf version thanks to Jesse Rasmussen:
A list of campaign sheet bonuses and penalties used in CB1:
Another Neptune/ Overlord campaign for completists. Primarily this is a campaign to house a couple of my own scenarios including Villers-Bocage. It uses scenarios covering all five of the main beach landings. It also uses some of the original base set scenarios which otherwise are unlikely to get an outing in the campaign setting. I think just about all of the Normandy scenarios are now utilised in official or unofficial campaigns. Speaking of which, Brummbar's excellent, official D-Day and Normandy campaigns are found in Campaign Book 1 and on BGG, and they should be your first port of call for Normandy campaigns.