Memoir '44 Projects of PanzerRunes

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Working on play testing.
Japanese have won 70% of the play testing.

This one is proving to be tough for the US as they have only won about 30% of the time. Strong card play is definiately essential for the US to win. Naval Bombardment rules from my Betio scenario may help to even out a poor starting hand for the US.

The map has completed and new terrain and objects have been created and their defined. I am in the process of making better art work as the ones in the photos were done quicly in photoshop.
Play testing is now in progress so I can figure out what needs to be tweaked. So far this one is looking to be much like a bloody knife fight with high casualties on each side.
My Stalingrad project is in development... We've developed some new ideas, rules and maps...

We are building a 3 to 4 scenario campaign... Maybe a bonus Overlord map...
I've received comments that people want to be able to play with one base game/expansion so not to go too crazy on board size and required units... message heard.

Some hints...
Urban fighting rules are being play tested...
New air units and rules are being play tested...
Political objectives and considerations play into the scenarios and campaign...

More to come.
Having received positive feedback I am rewriting my Iwo Jima scenario.

Here is the working map... I have not begun play testing yet.
Attached is my first attempt at creating an Air Power deck to use in  lieu of the Air Pack rules.
My idea is that a Recon 1 or Air Sortie/Air Power card will allow the player to choose from the Air Deck if the scenario allows for it.
I am open to ideas to better the cards so please let me know if you have any suggestions...