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Revell - US Infantry (02503) from start to finish.
Rasmussen's "Painting Infantry Tutorial" -
My tutorial will teach you how to customize your Memoir '44 infantry or other 1/72 scale soldiers. It follows the same format as Brummbar's tank painting tutorial (below) and is a lot easier to do than you might think. Give it a try!
Revell - German Mechanized Infantrymen (02584) from start to finish. Same as Italeri German Elite Troops.

                                                  Uniform Colors and Help
The links below will give you a guide for what colors to paint your figures. Whatever work you do will look great! These links are from Goober 357.
                                German Uniforms                  United States Uniforms              Russian Uniforms
                                                                                  More on US Uniforms            British Uniforms

Brummbar's "Painting Tanks Tutorial" -         Here       
This tutorial will teach you how to paint the Perrin Armor that came with the Memoir '44 game.  Custom armor adds to the game and isn't as hard as you might think.

Brummbar's "Making 3D Hills Tutorial" -        Here        
This tutorial, also from Brummbar, will teach you how to make 3 dimensional hills for your Memoir '44 game.

Brummbar's "Dice-Making Tutorial" -           Here        
Brummbar explains how to make your own Memoir '44 Dice.  He provides instructions on how to create nation-specific grenades, infantry, soldiers, tanks and stars for your dice.

Brummbar's "Scenario Writing Tutorial" -     Here   
This tutorial will give you the basic idea of how to writing historic scenarios. Combined with my Scenario Writing Web below, you should be able to create exciting historical scenarios to share with the Memoir community.
Rasmussen's "Scenario Writing Web" - 
This PDF is perfect for use with Brummbar's "Scenario Writing Tutorial".  The web provides a powerful tool for organizing your historical research as you get ready to write your scenario.
I teach 3rd Grade in Bend, Oregon (USA) and I taught my class how to play Memoir '44. Students battled in teams of two and created their own team names. During the course of the year I ran three tournaments and every participant received a certificate after the championship battle.  You can download the Word document and customize it, or the PDF just to print off and use.

Certificates:  Allied Certificate                        Allied Certificate B
                     Axis Certificate                       Axis Certificate B
                               Memoir '44 Certificate

Tournament Brackets:   8 Players        12 Players         16 Players
These brackets are for single elimination tournaments with teams or players of various numbers.  Each bracket provides a box to record the number of units eliminated by the teams or players. After downloading, these can be customized for your use.

Tournament Record Sheet:
This tournament record sheet provides the opportunity for a hard-copy documentation of tournaments and games. You can record which battles were played, medals earned, units eliminated, the date of each competition, and other notes you deem important.  After downloading the Word document, this page can be customized for your use.

The teams who won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd received a custom painted 1/32 army figure that you can find at any toy store.  While the format I used was simple, it would work for any age and every ability level.

Jewell School History Club:                                               Memoir '44 Club
You can see what we're doing at Jewell School in our history club. Students will be learning about United States involvement in World War II through a Memoir '44 tournament. With 6 sets of the game, the club will always be busy and exciting for the students.

BoardGameGeek Image Gallery :                  Memoir '44
You can view images of custom Memoir '44 boards and pieces and get ideas for storage solutions.  This site provides a wealth of visual information for Memoir '44 players. Pictures are added regularly from a wide range of Memoir players.

BoardGameGeek Forum:                                                Memoir '44
You can access a forum that runs parallel to the Days of Wonder forum.  This can be another avenue for asking questions and finding the answers you're looking for. This is a good place to find interviews and updates about Days of Wonder.

Brummbar Fan Site:                            Brummbar '44
This is one of the most comprehensive and helpful Memoir '44 fan sites available. Find various tutorials, updates, and analysis along with pictures of custom terrain, armor and airplanes. This site is updated regularly.

Plastic Soldier Review:                       World War II Infantry
You can find the 1/72 infantry armies you're looking for to customize your Memoir '44 game.  Compare the molds that each company uses and find the units you like best.  You can not buy the figures at this site, you can only view them.

Pendraken Miniature Armor:       World War II Armour
This company operates out of the UK and provides high quality 10 mm armor units. It costs
£1.75 plus shipping and handling for two metal-alloy figures.  They accept PayPal.

The National D-Day Memorial Foundation:                      D-Day
This foundation website provides some very interesting pictures and information about D-Day.  Look at the red Education tab for helpful links and educational tools. Thanks, Stevens, for showing me this resource.

Battlefield Maps:                                                                   World War II Maps
This is a great web site that provides some interesting battle maps of different campaigns and battles throughout World War II. These maps can be used to help create historical battles or just to look up the battles you're playing.

Military Vehicle Pictures:                                                        World War II Vehicles
This provides a wide range of amazing pictures of World War II vehicles from many nations. These pictures can be used for painting your Memoir '44 vehicles or simply to educate yourself about World War II.
The resources in this section will help you teach Memoir '44 to young players. These are perfect tools for parents and teachers!

Teaching Memoir '44 Tutorial:
This PDF will help you teach Memoir '44 in a way that very young children can understand and master. If you follow these educational principles, you will be amazed at how advanced the young general's thinking can be.

Memoir '44 Vocabulary Check:
This is a quick and easy way to find out if a new player understands Memoir '44 vocabulary.  Print this off and give it to a new player; then let them keep it as a reminder of the different vocabulary used in the game.

Memoir '44 Reference Page: 
This page is designed to help remind learning players about the basic rules for attacking, moving and then attacking, and Line of Sight.  Combining pictures and words, this page will help new Memoir '44 players of any age.

Memoir '44 Tournament Trophies:
I bought these 1/32 army men at a local store called Fred Meyer.  I got 64 men (in six poses) for $1 US and painted them myself.  The students like them and it's a cheap, easy trophy for the winning teams. Every student got an unpainted soldier and 1st-3rd place teams chose which painted figure they wanted.
The following PDF document is a compilation of many of the Variant Rules that Memoir '44 fans have suggested on the Forum. Enjoy!
Memoir '44 Variants:

The following PDF is a reworking of the Night Visibility Chart so that it can be used as a Weather Chart as suggested by Yangtze.
Memoir '44 Weather:

The following PDF is a reworking of the Night Visibility Chart for my Day Cycle idea. This chart will allow battles to progress through daytime and night as you play.
Memoir '44 Day Cycle:

My document outlines all Memoir '44 units on the first page, followed by the Terrain of each expansion in the order they were released. Special rules are inserted throughout with many outlined on the last pages.
Memoir '44 Player Aid:  - Version 1.1, November 2011   
When new units, rules, or terrain are introduced by DoW, I will update the Player Aid for people to download. The player aid includes all units, terrain, and rules from the base game, Terrain Pack, Eastern Front, Pacific Theater, Mediterranean Theater, Campaign Book #1, Winter Wars, Campaign Book #2, and the Air Pack.  Enjoy!

Memoir '44 Aide de Jeu - (Français):  - Version 1.1, Janvier 2012   
Traduit par Chris Harlem, mon aide mémoire est maintenant disponible en français ici ou sur la page perso de Chris Harlem. Lors d'une mise à jour de mon document, je suis persuadé qu'il n'hésitera pas à le faire de son côté. Toutes les nouvelles règles et unités du Carnet de Campagne Volume 2 sont présentes, donc profitez-en. Bonne lecture.

Memoir '44 Ayuda Del Jugador - (Española):  - Version 1.1, Marzo 2012
Traducido por Jaime 'Almilcar' Devesa, mi Ayuda del Jugador está ahora disponible aquí en Español o en la Página de Usuario de Jaime. Cuando actualice mi Ayuda del Jugador, estoy seguro que Jaime hará lo mismo con su versión española. Todas las nuevas reglas y unidades del Libro de Campaña 2 están incluidas para tu beneficio. ¡Que lo disfrutes!
The new Mediterranean Expansion focuses on North Africa and introduces new units and terrain for that theater. However, a large part of the Mediterranean Theater was fought across the peninsula of Italy.

In an effort to represent the vital conflict that took place in Italy in 1944, I have designed and play-tested some of the battles that took place around Monte Cassino. These battles follow the first three failed attacks by Allied forces on the Gustov line and then their final and ultimately successful drive past the town of Cassino. Take a look at the five Cassino scenarios in my section or click on the links I have provided.

The scenarios are designed in the following order:
Breaking the U.S. 36th Division

The first attack on the Gustov line was across the Rapido River by the U.S. 36th Division. The Germans had prepared their defenses well, clearing both sides of the river and creating inter-locking positions. These defenses, combined with mines, devistated the Allied attack.
Capture of the Cassino Station
The second attack on the Cassino front was into the town itself. The fierce Maori Battalion quickly captured the Cassino train station and engineers worked to clear a path for armor support. A powerful German counter-attack drove the Allies back to their starting lines with terrible losses.
Snakeshead Ridge
While the Maori attacked the Cassino station, a force of Gurkhas made a parallel attack across Snakeshead Ridge toward the looming Monastery. German sniper fire and defensive positions limited Allied advances and handed them another defeat.
Assault on Cassino
he biggest air bombardment ever seen in the Mediterranean theatre, the Allies attacked along the Monte Cassino line. German defenders emerged from the rubble and took up their defenses again, managing to halt the Allied advance despite being outnumbered.
Taking Monte Cassino
Alexander wanted a decisive breakthrough, so he reinforced the line before starting the fourth Cassino Battle. The French mountain troops broke through the lightly held line in the West, while Polish troops stormed the Monastery and the British 8th Army attacked Cassino itself. The Germans held for a while but eventually were forced to withdraw.
The Low Point of the Cassino Campaign - Overlord version of "Capture of the Cassino Station" and "Snakeshead Ridge" which historically were parallel battles.
With permission from ColtsFan76, I created my own version of his great Roll Call sheets. I have including pictures of every element you will find in the box when you open any of the Memoir '44 products, except the cards; those are listed for your convenience.
Players can use my Roll Call sheets or ColtsFan's to make sure they have all of the pieces of a given set. This can be used after an Overlord scenario when pieces may have been mixed up, or simply to check that nothing has been lost.

Base Game Roll Call.....................
Terrain Pack Roll Call (2 pages)...........
Eastern Front Roll Call...................
Pacific Theater Roll Call.................
Air Pack Roll Call (2 pages)..................
Mediterranean Theater Roll Call....
Campaign Book Volume 1

The Campaign Book Volume 1 includes the following three campaigns: Battle of Normandy, Unternehmen Fall Gelb, Operation Barbarossa.

You can find Score Sheets for these three campaigns at the Campaign Book page.   --- If you want a title page for the Score Sheets, I have included the Campaign Book Title Page that I'm using. Enjoy!   --- Here is a version of my Player Aid reworked for the Campaign Book. This 4-page document only includes units, terrain and rules that are found in the Campaign Book scenarios. --- Here is another version of the Campaign Book Order of Operations document that is available at the Campaign Book page. This version has the information facing each player.

                                         Command Card Storage Boxes

Beach Side Board -                                       Countryside Board -

Base Box -                                                    Train Station -

Pacific Theater -                                             Eastern Front -

Air Pack -                                                       Behind Enemy Lines -

Campaign Book: American -                           Campaign Book: French -

Campaign Book: Russian -                              Operation Overlord -

Summary Card Box -

These boxes follow the example of Isaacc on BGG. If my basic instructions aren't sufficient, Isaac has more detailed directions on building the boxes here.

If you have ideas of a good design that I could put on the boxes, send me a message and I’ll see if it would work. I can’t guarantee that I’ll try every suggestion but I’m always open to new ideas!

This is a set of tournament rules for Western Front, Eastern Front, and Pacific Theater battles for Memoir '44. You'll find:
~ Rules for running this type of tournament
~ Rules for gaining reserves
~ Rules for "What If?" reserves that add new, exciting reserves
~ Tournament tracking sheets to give each player
~ Faction Cards so players are randomly assigned either Axis or Allied