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Forum: Memoir '44 - English
 Thema: Vassal Ladder - new round, if you want to join
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Re:Vassal Ladder - new round, if you want to join Thu, 27 January 2022 01:03
The next round in the Ladder tournament on Vassal will begin soon. We play scenarios that can't be done in Memoir Online.

The next scenario will be Le Havre, from the Equipment Pack.

The tournament is run from a Guild on BoardGameGeek. https://www.boardgamegeek.com/forum/2035997/memoir-44-ladder /general The Ladder has been ongoing since 2008, and this will be its 87th round.

Send me a PM here or a Geekmail. My name is sam1812 in both places.

Forum: Discussion - English
 Thema: Time out after game finish, while counting scores!
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Re:Time out after game finish, while counting scores! Thu, 27 January 2022 02:44
I've seen my clock keep running after the game ends, but I've never experienced running out of time after the game has ended and being replaced by a bot then as you have. Having said that, do you know that you can push the little arrow right above the block that shows the graphic of everyone's scores and tix completed or not and that will get you right to the end result? You don't have to wait for Marg to go through everyone's tickets, major perk of the online game. Enjoy!

Also yes please BRING BACK THE CHAT!!!!