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Forum: Memoir '44 - English
 Thema: Is memoir 44 going the way of the dinosaurs?
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August 2013
Re:Is memoir 44 going the way of the dinosaurs? Fri, 31 March 2017 00:50
So I emailed Day's of wonder to ask about the cards that come with the campaign book 1 as I would like to get them to help complete my collection. I also asked for and update to this wonderful game about its future. I received a reply. And I will add it below. I told them how I loved the game and many others in the forum are curious if Memoir 44 was going the way of the dinosaur. He answered me in that and you will see that in a minute.
I just wanted to say, because I started this topic. That I feel we have a right to know what is happening with this game. It wouldn't hurt for the company to let people know what I'm getting ready to add to this question. Customer service is something everyone should receive from time to time and if a company wants customers to be loyal, they should throw you a bone from time to time and you you are right to expect that courtesy.
So here is the reply which should make people happy as to the future of this game.

First of all, thanks for you love of Memoir 44 and for your support into the game, it always pleasant to have feedback like that.

I will reassure you, all the Days of Wonder team still works and believe on Memoir 44.

Regarding the cards, I'm sorry but there are out of stock so I can't help. Maybe you could find some second hand online ?

So there you go. They are still working on keeping it around. This simple post on the forum is, I think, people want to know and good customer service has, to me been answered.