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Forum: Memoir '44 - English
 Thema: Strategy Tips Wanted
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January 2017
Re:Strategy Tips Wanted Mon, 11 December 2017 09:57
The best ideas and tips on how to play well are in the excellent book, Memoir 44: Strategy and Tactics Guide, by Alexis Beuve. The first reading of it will give you the tips. After they soak in, you can focus on how to put them into action by following the annotated moves he makes in the four scenarios he covers in the book. I've written out the ideas from his book that I've found most useful. If you email me at the address below, I can send you my notes.

Also, I find that playing the online solo game helps a lot. I made pdf on my User Page about how to play better on line when you're playing solo. The pdf is available on my user page or email, and most of the content is copied below.

Last, I've found that you can get a lot better and still lose a lot, because the people who are active on Memoir 44 are often just really good and experienced. When you keep that in perspective, playing a good game (even if you get beat), still feels like a victory. We need to remember that we're doing this for fun.

Good luck.

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How to Beat the Bots on Memoir 44 online

Playing Memoir 44 solo online can help your game a lot, but it’s frustrating to always be beaten by the computer. I went from being beat by Johnny or Hermann 90% of the time to winning about 65% of the time once I learned these tricks.

They play their strongest cards first, and they roll to maximize the # of dice
The Memoir 44 computer (or AI) is named either Johnny or Hermann, and they both use the exact same. They have two habits that can be exploited.

First, they seem to play their big cards first (Assault, 2-2-2, Choose 4, and so on), and they save their weaker cards (like Recon) until later. The key insight is that they don’t build their hand to have a continued push on a particular section of the board. If you don’t rush, you can often build up a hand and retaliate (especially in the original scenarios).

Second, they focus on moves that maximize the number of dice they can roll (according to Jeroen “Jeronimon” Nieuwenhuis). To do this, they’ll leave cover to attack at closer range, they don’t move up back- line troops to support the frontline troops, and they don’t protect med- als very well. You can often stay in cover and weaken them before launching a strong assault. You can also chase down out of the way medals instead of fighting.

Super aggressive strategies are best used to block or bottleneck corridors they’ll charge through.

Some Take-aways

• Stay under cover or out of range until their cards run out.
• Attack with 3+ rounds of cards or when they are overextended
• Cut them off from be- hind so they cannot re- gain cover
• Capture medals that are out of the way
• Quickly attack to plug up a key bottleneck through which they’ll attack.

If you’ve got ideas to share, contact me at Airfix at Memoir 44 online or at [email] MajorAirfix@gmail.com.