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Forum: T2R Competitive Play - English
 Thema: USA League 2017 - Division B
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February 2009
Re:USA League 2017 - Division B Sun, 30 April 2017 00:53
ameteir wrote on Sat, 29 April 2017 11:43

I wait for very long time, but he never shows back up. ??? He abandons game 3/4 through a game because he has Houston tix in his 3? I don't know.
Its been 45 minutes now and still no Mori...
Deadline tomorrow...what now?

I understand the frustration when you are short on time and someone disappears.

However, Maryan is one of the best when it comes to being reliable and being a positive player in the competitive community. If Maryan leaves a game, there is a good reason for it - not because tickets were bad.

While it is good to post that there is a problem, there was no reason to imply that your opponent was "tipping over the board" so you wouldn't win. Maybe it would be important if the player in question had a history of doing that? But, not this time for sure.

 Thema: USA League 2017 - Division A
AWT allan
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January 2014
Re:USA League 2017 - Division A Sun, 30 April 2017 04:50
Grats Sven for such a dominating show.
 Thema: Fusion Final [LINEUPS SET]
BTB Patterson
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January 2006
Re:Fusion Final [LINEUPS SET] Sun, 30 April 2017 14:44
Results thus far:

EU BTB-RUS 5.5-0.5