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Forum: Ticket to Ride - the Digital Game - English
 Thema: steam version - can't play
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October 2017
  steam version - can't play Sat, 21 October 2017 16:08

i've bought ttr complete bundle on steam but:
1/ game doesnt start, says 'opengl1.5 required', but on steam page it states 1.4 in requirements. i cant upgrade driver because there arent any newer (thinkpad t60). can you guys make the game more compatible? it's board game ffs, not some hot first person shooter, keep it simple?

2/ version 1.6 (applet) seems to start, but is completely broken regarding online play ('null error', 'unknown error'). can it be fixed as a workaround?

3/ i've bought the game, but i can't play online (automatically created profile didnt add any games). how to fix?

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