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 Thema: TIcket to Ride Old West Rule Clarifications
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September 2018
TIcket to Ride Old West Rule Clarifications Sun, 23 September 2018 15:07
There are two items that are unclear in the rules for Ticket to Ride Old West.

1. I understand that if a person has a route from Billings to Albuquerque and they have a city in Albuquerque but someone else has a city in Billings they would split the points for that destination card, right? 
But what happens if someone places a city inside a route you’re building (but not on either end point of the destination)? Ex: You have a route from Billings to Albuquerque. They place a city in Cheyenne. Do you still get the points?

2. Do you need to use a turn to place a city? Or does that happen in the same turn?

3. Also, when you refer to the points in item 1 above, you're talking about the points on the destination card, right, not for scoring the route?