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Forum: Cléopâtre et la Société des Architectes - Français
 Thema: Nouveau jeu
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November 2018
Nouveau jeu Tue, 20 November 2018 09:13
Hello à tous. vous avez vu la présentation du nouveau jeu de Battlefield. Je l'ai trouvé ici
Forum: Memoir '44 - English
 Thema: Nations 5 card

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August 2006
Nations 5 card Tue, 20 November 2018 16:00
Hi everyone

I have lost my British nationality card. Could someone please scan it to me in at least 300dpi?

Thank you!
Forum: T2R Competitive Play - English
 Thema: Dec 6 St. Nicholas Tournament
onyx puffin LOL
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January 2005
Dec 6 St. Nicholas Tournament Tue, 20 November 2018 20:29
St. Nicholas Day Quick Tournament.

onyx puffin would invite people to join him to celebrate Saint Nicholas Day with a QT

When: December 6, beginning at 21:00 CET

I propose:
ANYONE can sign in for it. When you do I ask you to also send me an e-mail at

The email is so I can remind people the day before since so many QT have people forgetting.

A QT (Quick Tournament) is a single elimination tournament, best of 1 game. Winner moves on to next bracket. If we get only 8 players, it will be double elimination.

I will coordinate the QT on that day.

Sign in here, and please send me an e-mail as well.