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December 2005
new TANK MINIATURES Sat, 30 September 2006 14:48
I like very much fine painted miniatures but I prefer to use new different unpainted miniatures. For Infantry units I bought Italeri and airfix boxes of 1/72 soldiers.

I read some topics about the Memoir44 Carrying Case Update... if BattleLore is the new project of Days of Wonder for next times I think the old armies of standard game need an update (re-styling).
I wish Days of Wonders could create an UPDATE expansion with new better Axis Artillery units, Russian sandbags and wire and NEW SPECIAL TANK UNITS for pleasure of many fan onwers of Memoir44 that aren't so interested in fantasy boardgames...

For example I'd like to use Lee or Matilda tanks for British units, m13/40 tanks or strong Semoventi for Italian units.
Or when rules say to use "special tank units" I'd like to use 4 DIFFERENT miniatures (like Panther V or Tiger) instead of putting on a little hex 4 Panther IV miniatures + a too big badge!
I don't think it's possible to buy directly a lot of these from Noble (Perrin Miniatures)'cause they are so expensive! Also I try to buy nice metal Skytrex miniatures 1/100 for English and Italian tanks but they sell separetely and are VERY expensive...

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sto cercando di realizzare degli stampi (gesso o ceramica) per riprodurre in quantità miniature aggiuntive a Memoir44 di truppe italiane o britanniche e mezzi speciali. Chi avesse idee o abilità, dritte da darmi, insomma chi volesse unire gli sforzi in sinergia non esiti a contattarmi. Bye!
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