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January 2007
Strategies for the traitor Thu, 25 January 2007 05:03
Our group has played a decent number of games now with a traitor. The traitor has won a total of once, when he convinced the other knights to join him on the dragon quest towards the end of the game on the assurance that he had the cards needed to beat the thing. Then, when the Dragon was almost ready to go, he randomly accused one of the other knights (for the black sword) and bailed out of the quest. The next card drawn was a dragon, a couple of the knights died, and he ended up winning.

I've seen a number of strategies used by traitors, none of which seems to have worked very well. It may be because we play almost invariably with all 7 knights, making it easier on the loyal guys.

Strategies I've seen:

1-Play possum: Go for the two black swords at the end of the game: Very bad idea. Traitor definitely needs to be proactive in order to have a good chance. Guy who tried this ended up losing very badly

2-Be obvious: Go nuts as the traitor right from the start. They can't accuse you until there's six swords or siege engines anyway: This can give evil a big leg-up early on, but you know the first thing that'll happen when there's 6 of something is that you'll be accused. This does however, free you of the need to pretend to be loyal, so you can screw around with them all game long. A traitor that did this actually almost won.

3-Play the "hard-luck knight." Act like you have a lousy draw and go to the long quests where you don't really affect the game in a big way (excalibur or grail) and stay there as long as you can. Don't burn life to do more stuff. Then go back to camelot and get more "bad" cards. Excalibur's nice because the others can't see what you're throwing away: This seems to be a very passive approach to playing the traitor, and I don't think it's wise on its own. As with number 1, the traitor needs to be proactive. However it can lead into number 4.

4-The Great Betrayal: Play the game as per number 1 or 3 and bide your time for a great act of betrayal. Seen this done twice. One occurred when the knights were all gearing up for the last big dash to victory. Everyone was rallying to one quest to complete it for the victory. The traitor didn't come and instead accused someone. The other was the one time so far when the traitor has won. I described it earlier: This seems to be a decent strategy, assuming you get the opportunity to make a really killer betrayal at the right time.

5-Race to Defeat: Go nuts as a loyal knight would at the beginning. Get Excalibur or Lancelot's Armor for yourself as quickly as possible. By doing this you set up for the siege of camelot to progress more quickly and for the dragon to do it's thing more rapidly as well. The loyal knights get some swords early on, but suddenly get in a bit of trouble with siege engines, not to mention a quick dragon. From this point, a (dis)loyal knight can be excused for going back to camelot to re-stock his cards for a few turns. Depending on the overall situation, he could do a number of things from this point: I've seen this done only once. Unfortunately for the Traitor, things remained under control for the loyal knights pretty much throughout the game due to aggressive play on their part as well as fortunate card draws.


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