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Re:M44 House Variants Fri, 07 September 2007 12:52
50th wrote on Fri, 24 August 2007 21:27

raistlin_majere wrote on Tue, 21 August 2007 07:31

Funny how many of these variants were implemented officially in Russian Front and Terrain Pack expansions.

Which of "these variants" were implemented officially in Russian Front and Terrain Pack expansions?


Special Forces/Engineers: Infantry. These units represent specialized weapons and teams not listed here such as bunker assault, bridge demolition specialists, and flame-thrower units. They are already represented in the game as Special Forces and don’t require a further category other than specifying any further special ability in a scenario description. (See “Bridge Demolition” below for how to use these units to accomplish this task.)

Snipers: Infantry, 1 unit. Move 2 and no fire, or move 1 and fire 1,1,1,1,1 with no terrain penalties (e.g. firing into woods or buildings does not cause the -1 to the die roll). May fire after moving into restrictive terrain. May ignore retreat flags. May not be targeted by artillery units. Takes 2 hits in 1 roll of dice to eliminate. (This guy is hard to spot and if he's smart, takes his shot and slinks away.)

Swamp: This can represent anything from muddy ground to lowland marsh. It does not represent flooded areas. Units must stop when entering Swamp terrain. They may attack the turn they enter it if their movement allowance permits. All units attack out of swamp terrain at a -1 die penalty.

Roads: Roads for M44 should be considered major for purpose of movement. Units may move an extra 1 space along roads as long as they start and finish their movement along the road. Units on road hexes are considered to be in the type of terrain the hex depicts. (Example: a unit on a road through woods terrain is considered to be in woods terrain for attack or defense purposes). All town hexes are considered to have roads but units still must stop when entering them. Units moving along roads do not need to stop when passing through wooded or swamp hexes with road. Boscage terrain may not have roads.

Minefield: Many minefields were marked or cleared when discovered. Their impact on the course of the war was minimal, but they did serve to slow down forward movement. A minefield hex is known terrain. Units may enter a minefield but must stop upon entry. Infantry units entering the minefield immediately roll 1 die for any damage and apply the result (if any). Armor/artillery units roll 2 dice when entering minefields. After that, the hex is treated as if it had wire (the unit may either combat at -1 die or use its attack action to clear the minefield. Minefields are not automatically cleared by armor like wire. They (armor or infantry, but not artillery) must use an action to clear them.

Railroad: Units on railroad hexes are considered to be in the type of terrain the hex depicts with the same restrictions. (Example: a unit on a railroad through woods terrain is considered to be in woods terrain for attack or defense purposes). Railroad is added primarily for flavor in missions to be designed for destroying a railway yard, train, or battles around train stations such as in Arnhem.

Night: Visibility is reduced to adjacent hexes only.

Bridge Demolition Rules: (for bridge construction see “Support units” above)Only Special Forces/Engineer Units may accomplish this task. When activated by a Command Card, this unit must start its turn on the bridge (or bridge section) targeted for demolition and use it’s entire action this turn to place charges (place a token or demolition chit in the hex to signify this). With the charge in place and in a following turn when activated by a Command Card, they must move away 1 or 2 spaces and can detonate the charge as their action. (Any other inherent actions allowed by the unit may not be accomplished when placing or detonating charges). If the unit is forced to retreat or eliminated prior to detonation, the charge remains in place. If the opponent can get units onto the target hex with the charge, they are rendered inert and removed. If any figures of the placing unit survived, they may still detonate the charges on the following turn as described above.

Ok, Night was implemented in Pacific expansion and of course there are differences in rules. However, my point was that there are many similarities and Ubergeek was ahead of time.

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