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Dumb luck awards Thu, 24 February 2011 23:20
Congratulations to the 2 players that have achieved one of the new "Dumb" luck awards.

4x Grenades
4x Stars
4x Flags

Wow, these are ones not to go after, just wait with great patience and hope they happen.

We'll be seeing Finest Hour and Medic played a lot in the following games. Still it will be a small consolation if you roll Flags or Grenades for Medic.

  Dumb luck awards  JokullThu, 24 February 2011 23:20
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  Re:Dumb luck awards JagdpantherSat, 26 February 2011 03:12
  Re:Dumb luck awards --JPSat, 26 February 2011 06:01
  Re:Dumb luck awards YannSat, 26 February 2011 14:16
  Re:Dumb luck awards PhreadSat, 26 February 2011 20:28
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