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March 2013
TtR Europe stations question Tue, 12 March 2013 03:38
I get the impression from some threads that the station might be new to TtR Europe.

Any rate, I have a few questions about how these work:

1. Once you've built a station to connect to another player's routes, can you branch off those same routes (either once or multiple times) or do you need a station?

For example: Player A build a line from Danzig to Smolensk. Player B connects to those lines with a station at Danzig. Can player B then build a line to Moscow and follow it from Danzig to Smolensk, or does Player B need to build another station at Moscow?

2. If you connect to a players line, and they branch after the city, can you follow both branchings.

For example: Player A has a line that goes from Danzig to Warsaw, and them both eastward and westward. Can Player B, with a station on follow both of those branchings, or only one?

3. How does using another player's line work, in terms of itineraries? Specifically:

A. If you connect to another player's line, can you count an itinerary that runs entirely on that player's line?

For example: Player A has a line from Vienna to Athens via Zagreb, and player B builds a station in Vienna. Can Player B use this station to count a ticket that runs from Zagreb to Athens?

B. What about if you put a station on one end of the ticket with no connecting track?

For example: Player C puts a train in Athens, connecting to Player A's Athens Vienna line. Can Player C count an Athens-Zagreb ticket?

The answers may seem obvious, but I've been playing this with my family we've had arguments about the first two, and while it didn't affect the scoring this time, my father made claims about point 3 which seem contradictory to me as well.

Thanks for your help,

  TtR Europe stations question  CMSellersTue, 12 March 2013 03:38
  Re:TtR Europe stations question rasmussen81Tue, 12 March 2013 04:49
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