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January 2013
Combat with 3+pirates Tue, 12 March 2013 17:54
I have been playing this game for a while and had a quick clarification. When combat occurs with three or more pirates how is the fame awarded for the combat. The rules say that the conquering pirate gains 1 fame for every pirate that is destroyed or flees the battle. So is it reasonable to conclude that the last ship standing in a 3 player combat takes the two fame points? What about the scenario where the Pirate#1 is very lucky and sinks Pirate #2, at which point Pirate #3 sinks Pirate #1. It doesn't seem fair that the player with the lowest sail value is allowed to basically cherry pick the victory points.

In addition when there are multiple pirates battling a legendary pirate is the fame always split? Even when Pirate #1 sinks Captain Hook in one try and then Pirate #2 finishes off Pirate #1? I wasn't sure if anyone had any insight into these situations that seem to reward the player with the lowest sail value and the final shot.

  Combat with 3+pirates  graham_buttersTue, 12 March 2013 17:54
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